Yes. All our medicinal products are strictly cannabis derived and therefore will have trace amounts of THC (5% or less). Medicinal products containing more than 5% THC are labeled accordingly as these products may affect patients differently than our usual CBD products. We also carry varying ratios, such as 1:1 containing an even amount of THC and CBD. As ratios and doses vary, please read labels on edibles carefully.

Yes!  By the Department of Health Standards, Rhode Island can now accept out of state medical marijuana patients. Rhode Island currently has full reciprocity with each state within the United States. Please bring an up-to-date form of identification. This includes a Passport, State license, or State Issued Identification Card as well as your medical marijuana card. Expired forms of identification cannot be accepted, even if Medical Marijuana Patient card/document is valid and up-to-date. If you qualify as a Veteran, please bring the appropriate documentation to qualify for a 10% Out of State Veteran discount.